Marchesa's red dresses

Lately,I've noticed that red is getting more and more used by celebrities and not only.And why wouldn't they?Red is a beautiful,strong colour and should be wore with the right attitude.Red is the personification of passion,intense feelings and states of mind.It can make you feel stronger or can fade your power;enhance or reduce your beauty and can even change your mood.So,what do you say?Are you ready to wear a red dress?

Diane Kruger-right

Taylor Momsen and Anne Hathaway

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  1. Anonim17:00

    i need a red dress! so sexy! and proper mailbox-red is flattering no matter what skin tone and hair colour one has..

  2. Red is so timeless & stunning!

  3. no red dress for me:)
    I like them but they don't suit me:)