Favourite item(s) of the week:Valentino shoes

In my opinion,these shoes are a pure form of art.Being so delicate and feminine,with high heels and those decorations they make you feel like a true diva.Their uniqueness makes them special,I would wear them only on privileged occasions.They complete a prescription for being fabulous.I adore them!

4 comentarii:

  1. Anonim15:19

    i'm in love with the 1st and last pairs.. i want them!!!

  2. they looks so delicate,i would be afraid to wear them!

  3. That first pair is fantastic! Serious shoe art. :)


  4. Ah yes! I was just looking at the first pair, but in black, today. Just so incredibly beautiful, somehow delicate and strong at the same time . . . sigh . . .