Ring watches

Today when I was coming home from school I saw for the first time a woman wearing this type of ring and I was so amazed by it.In my opinion,those watches are so creative and practical,it's like two items are converted in one,in a very beautiful way.With the first chance I get,I will buy me a ring like these ones.And,after all,who says that watches can only be worn only as a bracelets,they look nice as necklaces and rings too,don't you think?

Here are some watches that resemble with those ancient poison ones,the difference is that when you lift the top up instead of poison you find a watch.

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  1. Anonim11:00

    these are so gorgeous! i used to have one, but i have no idea where it is... must've lost it or something..

  2. I love these! They look great.

    I added your blog to my linkpage!

  3. I remember a friend of mine had one of these years ago, and I nearly died of jealousy when she first showed me - such an incredibly cool concept. I'm also a big fan of the watch-necklace, but am yet to find one I've fallen in love with, yet.

  4. Wow, I never knew these existed! They're really interesting. Oh, while you're at the ring chapter, could you please review poison rings? >:) And I'd also love to hear your opinion on cyberpunk(mainly clockpunk) styles! Keep up the good work and start writing longer posts, like I once told you ;)

  5. I loooovvve the cameo one so much.:)
    cool post.