Making waves

Today I went to get me a new haircut and we(me and my friend) were confronted with the same old problem that I can't stand.Did you noticed that almost all the barbers want to cut more hair than you tell them to?After all,you are the client,so they must do what you ask them to do,not what they want.Of course,they can tell you that some hair style doesn't highlight your features,but that's it.Anyway,since I have straight hair,I always liked wavy hair,with big curls.I tried several times to curl my hair,until I got it right.Here are some looks that I love.Hope you like it.Enjoy!

Photographer:Patrick Demarchelier

2 comentarii:

  1. Anonim15:07

    gorgeous pics!

    i go to the hairdresser every 8 to 12 weeks, and she almost always has to cut 10cm or more off, even if i'm just in for a trim, because it gets so ragged in the ends from hanging down my back and being rubbed into chairs and stuff whenever i sit down... but i know my hairdresser well, and she never takes more than she has to, because she knows i like my hair really long...

  2. Anonim20:08

    thi pictures are very nice , i felt that first picture
    women really touch another women breast
    funny thought