Isabel Lucas in Harper's Bazaar

Today the sun finally appeared on the blue sky,the way it should be in this time of the year;so,when I saw these pictures I knew I have to show them to you.In this editorial there are my current favourite colours:dusty pink and nude.She looks so innocent;remainds me of the summer,can't wait to go to the seaside.

8 comentarii:

  1. this girl looks like emma watson,
    last picture she is hold something is it a baby

  2. Yes she does looks like Emma Watson,
    but actually she appeared in Transformers:Revenge of the fallen as Alice

  3. She's stunning. Beautiful editorial!

  4. Great selection of pictures! The model is beautiful.

    Check it out: http://cupcakesarefashion.blogspot.com/ :D

    XOXO, C.