Feel like flying?

Today I red an article about the flight attenders and how expensive is in our country to become one.I find the sum way exagerated and I think that more people would subscribe to this school if the taxes were lower.At some point,the thought crossed my mind,but I was discouraged by the same problem.Anyway,if you are planning to become one,best luck!


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  1. Anonim14:11

    thanks for commenting! i really like your blog, too! i wanted to be a flight attendant for a while as well, but then i came to think of what they actually have to do, all day, every day. i'm sure i'd go crazy, and i don't think they get to see too much of the countries they go to, except airports and hotels...

  2. pai ar trebui sa ia si examenul de admitere:)
    si daca cererea e mare pretul creste...

  3. @AH:yes,you are right,but sometimes they stay a few days until they come back,waiting another flight.So,maybe then they can visit the country they are in.

    @nookie:spuse economista..:p

  4. pai asa este:)
    google it:)):))